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Information and Technologies

​Year 9 ICT - Vector graphics project

​Senior - Information Processing and Technology IPT

This is an ideal way to enter the dynamic and lucrative world of computing. This course is the fast-track avenue to tertiary computing studies.

Information Technology refers to the creation, manipulation, storage, retrieval and communication of information through the use of computers and other communication technologies.

IPT is a course of study that provides students with the knowledge, skills, processes and understanding of Information Technologies. There is an emphasis on problem identification and solution, rather than on the use of computer applications.

The course is a complex intellectual discipline in which the emphasis is on developing software rather than the use of software packages.

Some possible career paths:

  • information systems engineering
  • software engineering
  • programming
  • mathematics

Senior - Information Technology Systems ITN

Information systems and their application have been identified by State and Federal governments as key employment areas of the future. Success in future working environments will become more reliant on an ability to adapt to emerging technologies and trends.   Further there is great opportunity for students with IT skills to create their own jobs and have access to employment opportunities the world over.

The ITN course provides students with opportunities to become proficient in a number of current industry standard applications, while developing an ability to provide IT solutions within client-based scenarios.  Students are also given the opportunity to develop and practice future skills such as innovative thinking, problem-finding, and collaboration.

With a great focus on essential IT skills, students also gain skills that are portable and integral to many occupations and businesses. Bringing advanced IT skills to any position gives students a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Students with aptitude in this subject may be attracted to particular occupations including: Solution Architect, Internet and e-Commerce specialist, Game Producer/ Designer, Software Designer, Graphic Artist, Creative Director, Network Administrator, Website Developer, Website Administrator, AV specialist, Online Publisher, Social Media Creator, Mobile Apps Creator and Print Media Publisher.












The images above are all examples of student work. The 'D' above is a logo for a company. The 'Floating Bridges' is an album cover for a local band and the 'Key Ribbon' a cover for a magazine. 

Junior Digital Technology

In Year 9 we offer ICT, where students will study

  • images and image manipulation;
  • website construction;
  • desktop publishing;
  • visual basic (programming for beginners).


In Year 10 we offer ITP. This subject is preparing students for IPT and ITS in senior. Studies will cover the following areas of study:

  • image manipulation and commercial application;
  • vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator, logo design and creation):
  • website design and construction;
  • information systems: spread sheets and databases.nformation systems: spread sheets and databases.



Careers In Technology

The i choose technology website is full of great information about careers in ICT.


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