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Course Objectives

The study of Italian is a sensible choice for students, as Italian and English are related languages through common roots with Latin.
The Italian program extends the individual's ability to communicate with a wider world where the communication does not always occur in English and a trans-disciplinary approach is a valued asset.
Communication and transfer of knowledge from the language into other areas are the fundamental objectives of the course and the most sought after skills by employers.
Many Italian terms are common practice in fields such as Architecture, Music, Fashion, Design, Art, Banking and Tourism amongst others.

Faculty Snapshot 


View "Italian Gives You Opportunities" (PDF, 2467 KB).




Ms Suanne McGreachan


Head of Department


Mr Frank Testa

Ms Mirella Ceccato

Mr Alberto Geromet

Course Outline 2017

The course is designed for students with or without knowledge of the language but in keeping with their pre-knowledge from primary schools in the cluster. The junior course spans across eight semesters (Years 7, 8, 9 and 10), four of which are mandatory.
  • In particular, some topics are treated in greater depth than others.
  • Particular attention is paid to commercial, artistic and cultural aspects of Italy.
  • Frequent reference to the Australian context highlights common elements and differences.
  • The course provides a sensible balance between cultural, communicative and linguistic elements.
  • Students enrolled in the course are invited to the Italian Exchange Program with the Bologna City Council in Italy.
  • Students on school and faculty based Italian scholarships have priority on the exchange.

Italian Exchange Program

Students enrolled in Italian are eligible to participate in the Italian Exchange Program. The exchange:
  • is the result of the co-operation between Sunshine Beach High and the Bologna City Council;
  • is available to all students from Years 9 to Year 12;
  • has taken place without interruption for the last 22 years;
  •  recognized by a Queensland Premier for the “Best Service to Education”;
  • is responsible for more than 300 students participating in the Program.
Download our 2017 Exchange and Scholarship recipients (PDF, 19 KB).

Italian Scholarships

  • 25 scholarships are offered every year - four are school based and 21 are faculty based.

  • Four are offered to promising Year 6 students from 2017 (students from nearby schools to continue their Italian studies at Sunshine Beach High).

  • Twenty-one are offered to Year 7, 2017 students will be eligible for scholarships by application at the end of Semester 1.

  • Financial incentive offered directly to the families of these students.

  • More than 100 scholarships have been awarded so far.

Scholarship to Italy

This scholarship is:
  • offered to students in Years 10-12 based on their level of achievement and attitude;
  • sponsored by the Italian Government and Education Queensland International;
  • an opportunity to spend up to 3 months in Italy at a boarding school or in a family;
  • completely financed for tuition fees and accommodation.

Preparing for Future Careers


Italian can facilitate the integration of students in many industries and services. This specialised skill offers opportunities that can enhance communication skills in the workplace. 

  • TRADE - Italy is the second trading partner in Europe.
  • TOURISM - Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world; travel agents, flight attendants and tour guides with Italian are more employable.  In this case, English may become the second language.
  • MUSIC - Italian is the language of music.
  • FASHION and DESIGN - The European Institute of Design in Milan is noted as the best in the world. Instructions are in Italian only.
  • SPORT - Australia has a permanent base near Milan for all its sport competitions in Europe (especially for cycling and rowing). Italy is the base.
  • UNIVERSITY - With a percentage of VHA higher than 30%, studying Italian pays off. Two extra points are granted by larger universities to students graduating with Italian/a language.

Junior Course

This course is heavily integrated in its Junior Secondary approach and is deliverd in CLIL approach (Content Language Integrated Learning).

The language is a factor in the study of other subjects. For more information please follow the links below: 

  • Junior Overview 

Sample units include: Personal Identity (Year 7) (PDF, 491 KB), Ecological Diversity (Year 8) (PDF, 305 KB), Commedia Dell'arte (Year 9) (PDF, 371 KB), Travel Bug (Year 10) (PDF, 282 KB).

Senior Course

Implementation of newer syllabus is planned for 2019.

The existing Senior Program from 2009 includes:  

Instructions in Italian 

  • Building on the basics provided in the Junior Program, this course is designed to extend the student's ability to communicate in Italian using the four macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

  • Other aspects of Italian society and culture are studied throughout the course.