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​Subject offerings

The Mathematics Department offers a spiralling curriculum to cater for all levels of mathematical ability.

All work programs are QSA accredited. In summary, the courses offered are outlined below:

  • Year 7 Mathematics
  • Year 8 Mathematics
  • Year 9 Mathematics
  • Year 10 - Year 10 Preparatory Mathematics A - in preparation for Years 11/12 Mathematics A
  • Year 10 - Preparatory Mathematics B - in preparation for Years 11/12 Mathematics B and C
  • Year 10 - Preparatory Mathematics C- in preparation for Years 11/12 Mathematics C
  • Years 11/12 - Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, Prevocational Mathematics

Use of technology

Students who study Mathematics C will need to purchase a graphics calculator, as it is required to complete classwork, assignments and exams. Currently the school uses the TI-84+ and a class set is being utilised in the junior school at appropriate times. Students are also being exposed to mathematical applications via such programs as Excel and Graphmatica as well as the Internet.


The Mathematics Department offers free tutorials at the following times:

  • Thursday from 1.40 to 3.00pm for Years 11/12 students
  • Thursday from 3.00 to 4.00 pm for all year levels


The aim is to help students with classwork and assignments. It should be emphasised that these tutorials are not just for students experiencing difficulty with their classwork. Many of our top students take advantage of this time to get additional support.

Enrichment Programs

Each year, we have a number of students who have shown outstanding ability in Mathematics. Our school aims to support enrichment opportunities through numerous processes - differentiated curriculum, accelerated placement (if appropriate), extended project based learning.

These may include:

  • Extension Mathematics classes in Years 8, 9 and 10;
  • completing a university subject via the Headstart program at the University of the Sunshine Coast. If they pass this subject, they are granted automatic entry into the university, irrespective of their OP. The University of Queensland has a similar program.
  • selectively updating their profile in Mathematics A, B or C to try and improve their OP;
  • International, National and local competitions.


Contact Details

Head of Department - Mathematics - Justin Wilkie

Telephone - 5440 4248

Email -