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International Education

 Above: 2017 a sneak peek.
 Our school aims to provide students with a broad, internationally relevant education through the in-progress development of a formal and informal curriculum which is:
INCLUSIVE – diversity is valued and students have opportunities to practice respectful, intercultural communication.
INTERNATIONALLY oriented – with curriculum practices informed by international perspectives and data and supported by up to date pedagogy.
CHALLENGING – students have the opportunity to confront ethical and  cultural issues connected with the role of being an international student.
Mr Walter Bocchino ​Ms Sharon Forbes​ Ms Sherril Rowston Mrs Gail Hilditch​​

The International and Languages Department of Sunshine Beach is managed by Mr Walter Bocchino (Head of Department) and Ms Sharon Forbes (Homestay Co-ordinator).  The international students can count on 24/7 assistance of a network of professionals such as Ms Sherril Rowston (Guidance Officer and psychologist), Mrs Gail Hilditch (Vocational Projects Officer) and Donna Layden (School based Health Nurse).


Sunshine Beach High Internationally


Our schools’ engagement initiatives seek to build and nurture bilateral agreements to foster and strengthen collaborative learning, human capital development and student mobility across the world.

 Education Queensland International Program Cividale del Friuli (Italy), Convitto Nazionale "Paolo Diacono" Takamatsu Daichi (Japan), Bologna City Council



Our international focus and commitment to addressing issues that affect today's world are evident in our strategic linkages with world renowned agents and partners. Our graduates live in a mobile, global world where connections established in the high school years offer them unique opportunities later in life.

[2017 Links: Germany, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Austria, France, USA, Czech Republic]


International vision and respect for the environment

Sunshine Beach High is positioned in the heart of the United Nation’s recognised Biosphere Reserve therefore perfectly equipped to provide a unique opportunity for Environmental and Marine Studies.
The school is surrounded by lakes, rivers, forests, beaches and sea with nearby National Parks and natural reserve unique in the world.

International students experience high levels of exposure to ICT for content delivery and study. These skills will be very valuable when returning to their countries.  Students are encouraged to bring their laptop to school to be interfaced with the school network.  A small fee connection applies ($50).

In our path to the future we will not forget our identity and where we came from. We respectfully acknowledge this land and its traditional owners (Gubbi-Gubbi tribe).
Sunshine Beach High is proud to host a totem area established and decorated by indigenous students from the school.
 Principal (Mrs Leanne Jensen-Steele) with international student representative Yuya Nagamichi.

What we study at Sunshine Beach State High School

Our geographical position has some relevance in defining What and How we study at Sunshine Beach State High School.
The proximity to water contributes to the development of unique marine studies courses with ‘hands on’ experience culminating in coral bleaching study field trip to the Barrier Reef. 

The Curriculum

Sunshine Beach High understands and recognises the difficulties encountered by International students in becoming familiar with a mainstream curriculum.
Therefore a set of procedures and recommendations to teachers have been established to facilitate the transitions into a curriculum which is not only linguistically but also culturally very different.
Please look at an in progress outline (PDF, 474 KB) of those procedures to familiarise with a diversified approach for short and long term students.
In regard to how we study, we have a strong legacy on Application of knowledge in a relaxed environment. This legacy ranges across many subject areas from Marine Study to Photography, from Sports to Music. 

Year 11 Camp 
These marine based environmental studies remain consistent with the school vocation for high quality specialized programs  and the environmental commitment by its staff and students. (United Nations Biosphere recognized area)
Almost all International students have a try at Marine Studies, however beyond the fun there is a challenging course to follow especially for students with little water experience.
The ‘hands on’ concept reaches its highest point during the Heron Island/Lady Elliot camp for coral bleaching and marine life study.
Students return with unforgettable memories of the sea, sea creatures, marine knowledge and environmental sensitivity.
  • Subject selections for 2017 (Click on the "Curriculum" tab from the home page for information on all courses)

International Visits 2017: Study Tours Format

Why a Marine Study Tour program at Sunshine Beach State High School

The International Department in cooperation with the Science Faculty is now proud to offer a unique intensive two week Marine and Environmental Studies Program to satisfy the highest academic and environmental demand.
International School        
The very successful International Program already in place at Sunshine Beach High is a perfect opportunity to mix with the rest of the world in a true International knowledge sharing environment.
What we offer
Some of the closed sessions will include:
Marine Life and Habitat (touch and learn about sponges, starfish and other sea creatures)
Rainforest and Comparative Study of Plants (Condalilla Falls)
Recognition and Mapping of Coast Profile
Touch and Learn about Sea creatures
Leaf litter ecology
Respectful approach to the Geology of the Dreamtime (Mary Cairncross Park) and aboriginal vision of the land intertwined with their life (wildlife painting and boomerang throwing under Gubbi-Gubbi tribe leadership).
How can we help students
To ease the language difficulties, some suitable bilingual support study material will be provided enabling selected students to better understand and experience, hands on, the variety of the scientific challenges of a marine environment in one of the most pristine places in the world.
Embedded lessons
While this program is intended for visitors only, students will also have, on request, the opportunity to be embedded in selected Marine Studies and Biology classes with Australian students.
Study with the best
The quality standard of this program is guaranteed by highly qualified Marine and Environmental Marine experts such as Sunshine Beach personnel and Underwater World specialists, academics from the Sunshine Coast University and other authorities in the field.
This is Sunshine Beach High - where study and fun complement each other.

Takamatsu Study Tour 2016

Forty students from Takamatsu have visited our school again in March. Together with English lessons, they enjoyed touring the coast and visiting icons such as Australia Zoo – headquarters of the late Steve Irwin.
We are happy to welcome our friends from Takamatsu again in 2017.

What do you experience at Sunshine Beach High?

  • Learn from a champion - liaise with surf courses externally organised and managed.
  • Liaise with tour groups and with pre-accredited tours organised by Education Queensland International (EQI).
  • Participate in the Red Centre and Northern Territory trips in conjunction with EQI providers.


School-based excursions:

  • Humpback Whales (August - September, Hervey Bay)
  • Logger Head Turtles (May, Mon repos)
  •  Fraser Island (any time, 2 days, simple accomodation)
  • Gold Coast and Byron Bay
  • Red Centre and Northern territory in conjunction with EQI providers

  • Australia Zoo (anytime)

Some excursions are managed and operated by accredited local tour operators. Sunshine Beach High is happy to facilitate students' participation when travel requirements by EQI are entirely satisfied.

  • Marine Camp: Coral Bleaching assignment and the Environmental Impact of Global Warming. Please read the testimonial (PDF, 1.5 MB) from Maria Heuger (Year 10) from Germany to fully appreciate the scientific and personal value of this project.

Events and Activities 2017


(Times subject to changes) 

Event​ Details​ Venue​

Every Tuesday from 9.55 am - 10.25 am

On a rotational basis (whole school-house-year level)​

Student Centre for whole school and Year 11-12 level

Performing Arts area and under cover area for other assemblies            ​

Starting in February every 3 weeks

Meeting room/Library


Every Friday

(Session 1  12.50 - 1.50)

(Session 2   1.50 - 2.50)


Water safety induction.

February pending surf conditions - delivered by Noosa Surf Club


Noosa Main Beach​

Learn to Surf - available from Merrick Davies Surfing School

First session in Feb​ruary

Noosa Main Beach (The Groyne)

All equipment provided​

Cheerleader practice (2016 Champions)

Mon 2.15 - 4.45 (Senior)

Mon 3.00 - 4.45 (Junior)​


Performing Arts Block​

Dance (Performance)​


Tuesday and Wednesday - morning tea​


Performing Arts Block​

On various days

Concert Band 

Stage Band

String Orchestra

Percussion Ensemble   (Junior and Senior)​


Music Block


Wednesday 3.00 - 4.15​


Music Block​


See separate subjects' schedule​



 Sports calendar for 2017 not avaialble yet.

Quality Assurance Checklist         

  • Existing International Program
  • Accredited School
  • Manageable group for the program
  • School organises everything
  • High Academic Expectations Program
  • Hands On activity and interaction
  • On site and off site learning
  • Cultural sensitive
  • Study support
  • Registered and qualified staff on/off campus
  • Accredited and experienced host families
  • Reception and farewell
  • Embedded in class (on request)
  • Issuing of Certificates
  • Bilingual support material (Japan only at this stage)
  • Promo material available for the program


Your safety 

Sunshine Beach High School is entrusted with your welfare while enrolled at our school. The EQI related links represent the best practice to ensure you have a pleasant safe stay at Sunshine Beach.
Please familiarise with policies on the EQI website:  
  • Internet policy
  • Uniform Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Visa Extension Fact Sheet
  • Attendance
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Homestay Code of Conduct

Host Families at a Glance


Selection and Accreditation of Host Families

One of the secrets for a successful time for an International student is a happy homestay environment.  Our families are carefully selected by our homestay co-ordinator on the basis of various elements ranging from house features, family composition and reputation in the community.

Our typical host family live in a house/semi-detached house and is located within 10 km radius from the school. Find out more on:

Host family iconography information (PDF, 176 KB)

For your convenience and quick overview of the "typical familiy", we have grouped them in three possible categories to better match your needs.

Please browse the tables above as a sample only of the grouping, keeping in mind that multiple combinations are also possible.

These tables are a representation only and do not substitute in any way the warmth and welcoming feeling necessary for a successful stay.

New Initiatives for 2017


Important Reminder for Enrolments, 2017

  • International students enrolling in Mathematics B or C are required to have a graphics calculator of the make Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus CE.  This is a syllabus requirement.
  • Read carefully the recommendations for subject choices on the overview pamphlet at the start of this webpage - The pamplet at the start of this webpage section is to be used in conjunction with the senior curriculum handbook (PDF, 1426 KB)

Contact details


Walter Bocchino: Head of Department

International and Languages

Telephone: (07) 5440 4221

Fax: (07) 5440 4200

Email: ​​