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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Sunshine Beach State High School is at the forefront of education delivery through the use of technology.  BYOD is our solution where students bring their own device to school in order to access the internet and/or school network through a managed Wi-Fi connection.  Students will need a laptop with minimum specifications (see BYOD Information Sheet) to join our BYOD Program. 

Device Program


Student devices will connect to the School's network through a DETE approved solution that ensures the device meet security requirements, including updated anti-virus software. Students will be able to access internet and printing services on their device once connected wirelessly. 

To participate in the 2018 BYOD Program you will need to:

1.     Read BYOx Charter and submit signed Responsible User Agreement (p. 18 of Charter).

2.     Make full payment of $60.00.

3.     Students will then need to take their device to our computer technicians to for get connected.


Minimum IT Device Specification for Primary Devices

Please see the BYOD Information Sheet to check minimum requirements for your device.

N.B. Students choosing Graphics or FTV need devices with higher specs.  However most students complete all work for Graphics and FTV in the school computer labs.

Students selecting the senior Subject, IPT, will need a Windows device to use "Access" to complete a major portion of the course work in IPT.

Examples of devices that do not meet minimum specification for primary devices in this BYOx trial:  iPad (minimum support), Chromebook, Surface RT and android tablets.
Primary refers to the main device student’s use each day. BYOD trials across the state have found that some students have a primary device and a secondary device when the Primary device is being repaired.

What Device Should I Buy?

You need to make sure it meets the Minimum specifications and in particular pay attention to;
  • the minimum battery life of 6+ hours.
  • Warranty and where it is to be returned in the event of a warranty issue and time to repair.
  • Accidental damage and theft, what is covered and what excess you will pay.

Micro​soft Student Advantage

Microsoft Student Advantage allows students with a BYOx to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 of their BYOxs for free. You need to sign into the Microsoft Student Advantage page ​ with your school email address and password. If you have difficulties completing this at home please see the online "How to install Office 365 Student Advantage Package".

Windows devices get the Office365 ProPlus for PC (Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013, Access 2013, Publisher 2013, Outlook 2013, Lync 2013 and InfoPath 2013), Mac devices get the Office 365 ProPlus for Mac suite (Word 2011, Excel 2011, Powerpoint 2011 and Outlook 2011).

Adobe Collection

Due to a financial arrangement Sunshine Beach SHS has taken up with Adobe, the Adobe Design and Web Premium collection is free to BYOD devices. If students need the Adobe Master Collection then this carries a deployment charge of $20 per device per student per annum. Students needing Premier Pro (FTV students) will need to purchase the Master Collection for their BYOD device,, payment of $20 at the school office. If all school fees are paid then you can see the school Technician for support to have the Adobe Collection (PDF, 58 KB) installed on your computer.

Security of BYOD Devices, Damage/Theft – Insurance

A crucial part of the BYOD program will be parents ensuring that the device is covered for accidental damage and theft. Parents should investigate if their Home and Contents insurance covers damage or theft of the device. 

While Sunshine Beach SHS will continue to deal with inappropriate behaviour in line with existing policies, the school is not liable for any damage or replacement costs incurred while the device is at school or travelling to and from school. Any student who damages or steal another student’s laptop may be disciplined according to the schools Responsible Behaviour Plan.

Internet Security

Using your own device at school requires security. Symantec are offering Norton Security with Backup at a special discount for students, teachers and staff of the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment.

Single User 1 Year :   $9.99

Single User 3 Years : $29.99


You can download this version from the following site:

Symantec Norton Security with Backup​


The details above are meant as a guide to make you aware of some of the implications for your child to access technology for learning in the coming years.

Please contact me at your convenience if I can answer any questions about BYOD.
Cameron Brown/Kevin Hutton

(07) 5440 4273