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Computers and technology

It is well recognised that the future of relevant and connected teaching and learning requires the embracing of digital education and Information Communication and Technologies. No longer are teachers 'the font of all knowledge' but in fact the facilitators of learning through the support in conjunction with Information Communication Technologies (ICT). 
Our vision at Sunshine Beach State High School is to prepare our students for the world of work and learning.  We will aim to create technology enriched learning environments to support the development of 21st  Century skills.
This valuable and innovative ICT project will create digital education seamlessly in the classroom and at home for students. This environment will allow personalised learning opportunities that contribute to the future of a technologically connected global community.
Our school community is strongly committed to the educational value this program will offer to our students. Obviously to gain maximum benefit, we require strong parent and student commitment to generate maximum successful learning outcomes.


In 2017 it is expected that most students in Year 7 - 12 will transition to the BYOD model. There will be limited  devices for students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 to participate in the school day laptop program.

Student private laptops will connect to the Schools network through a DETE approved solution that ensures the laptops meet security requirements, including updated anti-virus software. Students will be able to access internet and printing services on the private laptops once connected wirelessly. A $60 BYOx fee will be charged each year, which will contribute towards technical support and software licencing.
​Summary of Options for 2016
​Year 12 BYOD or use of limited day program device 
​Year 11 ​BYOD or use of limited day program device 
​Year 10 ​BYOD or use of limited day program device 
​Year 9 ​BYOD or use of limited day program device 
​Years 7 and 8   BYOD or use of school computer labs, Laptop Trollies or iPad trollies as required. 


All details about the BYOD program can be found on the BYOD page of the website.

The Q4 laptop is an ACER Iconia W700 tablet shown below.

Laptop Program

In 2016 we saw an 80% uptake of BYOD for years 9, 10, 11 and 12. 

All 2017 Student Resource Scheme Fees must be paid in full before the $60 Laptop fee can be accepted.

  • full payment of $60 (annual cost for 2017)
  • payment can only be accepted and maintained if Student Resource Scheme $240 for your student is fully paid.
  • After the agreement is lodged and payment is made at the office, students will be allocated a special number (that will match the computer) and enable the track and trace facility. 
If you and your child decide not to be involved in the BYOD, students will have access to a device each school day, the Laptop Day Program (PDF, 320 KB). This will require a book in and out system, not always with additional software nor 3G capacity. 
We are confident that these devices will add value to your child’s learning experiences 24/7 and prepare them for work and study in the 21st century.
Any questions, please email Tracey Upston: or Paul Fitzgerald:
  • BYOD


    There are some major changes to the way students will access technology (Laptops and Tablets) for learning across Queensland.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is on the device. What is permitted on the device. Repairs and maintenance.