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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a device at home; can I use it at School?

No, the only devices permitted to connect to the School network are those distributed through the 1-to-1 program. Education Queensland computers are licensed and equipped with the Education Queensland Managed Operating Environment (MOE) to connect to the School network.
Will I need to bring the device to School every day?

Yes. Teachers are transforming the way they teach to take advantage of Students having unlimited access to technology. The new digital platform curriculum means that computers will be essential tools in each classroom.

Will I be disadvantaged if I am not participating in the Home Use program?

Any Student not participating in the Home Use Device program will be provided with access to a School device during School hours. School devices will have to be
booked out each morning and returned at the end of the School day.
Will all Students have the same device?

No. As time progresses and new devices are required, the model supplied may change. This is because of the pricing available through the Government contract, new models being released and changes in the value of the Australian dollar. However all devices will be capable of fulfilling their primary task of education for Students in the digital world.
Will I be permitted to use the device during School holidays?

Yes. Students are permitted to keep their devices during holiday periods unless it has been recalled for maintenance. Devices are not permitted interstate or overseas at any time.
Will I still be able to participate in class if my battery goes flat?

Yes. Students are encouraged to leave the charger at home but if the device is fully charged prior to the commencement of School, the battery power should last all day. It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure their device has an adequate charge before bringing it to School.
How is the device kept safe when not required?

Students will have their device with them at all times except during non-classroom activities such as sports. The School is installing secure lockable storage for devices during these periods.
Do I need to back up?

Yes. Work completed at School can be saved to the School’s servers. However work completed at home or stored on the device will need to be backed up in case of device problems.
Sometimes a Student can spend considerable time on writing assignments and this work can be lost if the device experiences a problem.
How will I be kept safe online?

All Students are encouraged to use the Cybersafety website should they feel uncomfortable with any online interactions. Further information for Parents/care givers and Students can be found at:

Do my Parents need to pay for me to participate?

Although the federal government is funding the provision of devices, Schools may incur some expenses. Any costs will be managed and communicated by the School.
Please contact the Principle for further information if required.

What is on the Device

What is the MOE?

The Managed Operating Environment (MOE) is a suite of software that offers Students access
  • School licensed software
  • Secure filtered internet
  • School printers
  • School network resources
  • Other School software resources
What software is included in the MOE?

The device will include Windows 7or 8 operating system, the Microsoft Office suite, anti-virus software, plus additional utilities.

How will the computer connect to the internet?

At School there are both wired and wireless solutions dependent upon class location. Outside of the School network 3G roaming capabilities can be utilised. The use of home internet connections will require the Student and/or Parent/Guardian arrange connectivity via 3rd parties.

Will the School assist me with home internet connection settings and issues?

No. Your home internet provider or local computer technician can assist you with these enquiries.

Will the School protect the device from virus attacks?

Yes. Each device will have Queensland Department of Education and Training owned anti-virus software installed and this will be refreshed when the Student logs onto the School network. The network also has anti-virus protection so all precautions are taken to prevent against malicious software. However it must be realised that 100% protection cannot be guaranteed.

What is permitted on the device


Can I install my own software and games on the device?

Yes. Provided you own a valid license for the software. The device is still School owned and Students must not store illegal or inappropriate materials on it as per the School’s Responsible Behaviour Safety Plan. Students who breach this policy may risk serious consequences and possible removal from the home use program.

What is deemed inappropriate?

Any illegal (unlicensed) software; pirated music or videos; defamatory documents, or images, or any content not suitable for viewing by persons under the age of 18 are deemed inappropriate.

Who is responsible for data stored on the device?

The School has a backup procedure in place to ensure Students do not lose valuable educational data during School hours. However for any School work performed off-site or non School data stored on the device, the Student should backup data to a USB device (drive or memory stick).


Students will never publish or disclose personal information including names, addresses, email addresses, photographs, credit card details or telephone numbers of themselves or others.

Intellectual property and copyright

Students must never plagiarise information and shall observe appropriate copyright clearance, including acknowledging the original author or source of any information used.
Students will ensure that permission is gained before electronically publishing other people's works or drawings. Always acknowledge the creator or author of any material published.
Material being published on the internet or intranet must have the approval of the Principal or their delegate and have appropriate copyright clearance.

Repairs and maintenance

Will the device be required for maintenance?

Yes. There may be a need to redeploy software updates. Students will be notified when their device is required.
Should illegal or inappropriate material be found on the device, it will be restored to
the original settings and all data stored on it (School and personal) lost.

What if the device is broken?

There is accidental damage cover and some items are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Where the damage is determined to be wilful or malicious, then the full cost of repairs will be charged to Parents.

Will I have access to a replacement device should the home device require


Yes. The School will provide a replacement device whilst the original machine is being repaired. The Student will still have access to all School software and files stored on the network as per normal. The duration of the loan period will vary depending upon the complexity of the repair.

What if the device is lost or stolen?

Theft or Loss: On receipt of a police report and a statutory declaration from Parents, the NSSCF program will initiate recovery procedures via built-in protection software. Should a device be unrecoverable, the cost of replacement is as follows:
  • First case: the excess charged to Parents is $200 ex GST
  • Subsequent cases: full replacement cost.

Will my personal software and data be restored?

No. Students must be aware that should a device require repair, all data will be wiped as the machine is restored to its original settings.

Can I hand back the device and receive a newer model?

No. The device will stay with the Student for four years and any damaged devices requiring replacement will be replaced, subject to School discretion, with a model of a similar age.

Return of Devices at the finish of year 12

When Students leave School at the end of year 12 the devices are returned to the School and will be removed from the School network. The devices will have all licensed software and data removed and will be restored to original factory state. At that time the Department of Education and Training will make a decision about the disposal, sale or recycling of the used devices as appropriate.