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Frequently asked questions


As the weather cools down, many parents and children are asking for clarification of SBSHS’s winter uniform. The information below will answer most questions, though if you wish for any further information please do not hesitate to ask us or check your child’s diary around the policy.

Can my child wear track pants?

Yes. They must be the school track pants (navy blue with the school name / logo). ‘The School Locker’ at Maroochydore has these currently in stock. No other track pants are permitted.

Does my child need to wear a school jumper?

Yes. This must be an official SBSHS jumper. These are available through ‘The School Locker’. You can order online or visit in person. N.B a new style spray jacket has just arrived at The School Locker (matching the track pants). All grades are able to wear this jacket.

Can my daughter wear stockings or tights?

YES. They must have a foot in them (no footless tights). Plain only (no patterns or other colours). Plain black without socks or flesh coloured with socks.

Can my child wear an undershirt?

YES, if it is not visible and under the school shirt. A school jacket would need to be worn then at all times.

What colour do shoe laces and socks need to be?

Our uniform policy states that show laces must be black. White visible socks must be worn with shoes at all times.

What hat is required and is this compulsory?

The School bucket hat is purchased through ‘The School Locker’. It can either be plain navy or the reversible (house colour) style with school logo. It is compulsory for students in years 7-9. If students do not wear a hat they must play and sit in the shade.

Why do students have to wear formal uniform on a Tuesday?

As this is our day of our formal assembly, students as a collective body are to present in this uniform as special guests and community members may be presenting on assembly and this time is used to access to celebrate special events. The formal uniform must also be worn on excursions (Marine and Sport may be excused) and when representing the school.

If my child has PE on a Tuesday, do they have to wear their formal uniform to this class?

If the PE class is practical on this day then the student requested to change into their sport polo shirt. This can be done prior to their PE lesson at first or second break. Please note that if the lesson is in period 1, 2 or 3, students are to change back into their formal uniform at break time.

Can I wear my sport representative (State, Sunshine Coast Region) jacket to school?

As this is not a school jacket, unfortunately not.

Can I wear my Surfing or Cheers sport representative jacket to school?

Yes as this is a SBSHS sport jacket.

Can I try on uniforms at SBSHS and then order on line with ‘The School Locker’?

Yes. You can try on sizes with us in admin before ordering online if this assists. This can be done any school day at 8.45am.

Are there any second-hand items for sale?

Not here at school. There is however a public Facebook site “Sunshine Coast Second Hand Uniforms” (not aligned with SBSHS) that sells occasional SBSHS items should you wish to check this out.

If I am having financial difficulty how can I receive support to ensure my child is in the correct uniform?

Our Student Services team have a supply generously donated second-hand uniform items. If there are any reasons that you are unable to purchase a school uniform item, please feel free to approach the Student Services team for assistance. Contact Mr Brad East on 5440 4222.

We appreciate that this year is one of transition between our former P&C uniform shop and ‘The School Locker’. We would like to thank you for your support over the last few months with this change. The students are looking smarter than ever in the new look formal uniform and the feedback at large has been positive. We appreciate you purchasing all required items and ensuring your child present at all times in full and correct uniform.

Please note that this year, we have strongly encouraged all families to purchase the new formal uniform. As a year of transition we appreciate that most students are wearing their full formal uniform on the designated day of assembly (Tuesday). As of 2018, all students will be required to wear the formal uniform on Tuesday as this will be compulsory.

As always, we love to receive uniform donations that do not fit your child anymore. If you have any items you wish to pass onto a student in need, please bring them into Student Services. Our team will gladly accept these and appreciate your generosity.