Years 7-10 music excellence classes


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Sunshine Beach State High School offers the opportunity to be part of an extension music program. These classes are designed to encourage the pursuit of excellence in music. Students in these classes study music throughout Years 7 and 8 (students in the mainstream program study music for one term only in year 8) and undertake more advanced performing and classroom music activities, including completing Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Grade 1 and 2 theory.
Students are also eligible for membership in the school ensembles depending on instrument (Concert Band, Stage Band, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and/or Vocal Group) and standard of ability.
In Years 9 and 10, students choose Music or Music Extension as an elective subject.  Students in Music Extension will continue to work at advanced levels, including completing Grade 3 theory, ensuring that they move into the senior years well prepared to achieve the highest of results.  Students who choose Music will still cover all the requirements necessary to succeed in senior studies, but without the same degree of academic and artistic rigour.


Students in the Music Extension classes stay together as a cohort for all of Year 7 and 8 (although individual class compositions may vary from year to year). 

Sunshine Beach SHS has an Enrolment Management Plan.

In-Catchment Applications:

  • students may audition on any instrument or voice.
  • applicants going into Year 7 will be automatically considered for a Music Scholarship – no additional form is required.
Out-of-Catchment Applications:

Students from outside the enrolment catchment area are still eligible to enrol as part of the Music Excellence program however:

  • only students currently enrolled in their school’s instrumental program (woodwind, brass, percussion, strings) are eligible to apply from out of catchment. (Piano, vocal and guitar applications are only able to accepted from within our school catchment area).

Application Process
  1. To apply to be part of this program, prospective students/parents fill in the relevant questions on the Music Excellence In Catchment application (PDF, 536KB) and Music Excellence Out of Catchment application (PDF, 528KB)
  2. Return the application form along with a copy of the most recent school report to register for an audition.  Forms are to be sent to Sunshine Beach SHS, Attn: Mr David Allan, Ben Lexcen Drive, Sunshine Beach Qld 4567 or emailed to ( Forms should be returned as soon as possible.  The final date for applications in 2022 will be September 12.
  3. Students attend a short audition. The audition will consist of the following:
    • One prepared piece.  DO NOT play one of your school band or orchestra pieces.  Please take the time to prepare a solo piece.
    • One scale and arpeggio of your choice which demonstrates your current technical ability and range.  Your current teacher will be able to give advice on which scale and arpeggio to perform.
    • A short set-piece exercise which will be emailed to you 1 week before your scheduled audition time.  The standard of difficulty will be based on the length of time you have been learning your instrument/voice.  The set piece will  be emailed home on receipt of the application form.
    • A short Sight Reading exercise for all woodwind, brass, string and percussion students.

Percussionists – please prepare both a tuned and untuned piece.  The untuned piece may be played on drum kit or snare drum.  The tuned piece must be performed on xylophone or glockenspiel.  All instrumentalists will be required to demonstrate an ability to read music.

Vocalists should choose a song that has a range of about an octave and which suits the pitch range of their voice.


Contact details:

Head of Department: Mr David Allan
Last reviewed 16 May 2022
Last updated 16 May 2022