Class times


Sunshine Beach State High School uses a split shift timetable to get the very best use of school facilities.  Download bell times (PDF, 53KB).

Senior students attend school from 8.20 am to 1.40 pm each day.  This also allows seniors to attend the many tutorial sessions run by staff between 1.40 pm and 2.50 pm.

Junior students attend school from 8.50 am to 2.50 pm each day.

Students are emailed their timetables.

Attendance Policy & expectations

Late arrivals and early departures take away from valuable learning time and can be disruptive to classes.  Below is the policy and expectations regarding attendance at school. 

 What the law says

  • Under the law, parents must make sure their children are enrolled and attend school on all days unless they have a reasonable excuse.
  • A written note from home, or a phone notification on the school line 54404222 (select appropriate option) or text message on 0427 060 455 is required for all absences.
  • Q Parents can also be used for notifying of absences.
  • Parents must not keep their children away from school for minor reasons.
  • Under the law, schools must monitor attendance of students.

Students leaving school early

  • It is the expectation at Sunshine Beach High that once a student arrives at school they remain at school for the day.
  • Students who need to leave school during the day must present a note from their parents at the Attendance Window before the start of the school day.
  • Students who comply with the above requirements will be issued with a LEAVE REQUEST which allows student to leave class to go to the office to meet their parent/caregiver and sign out.
  • Students are required to sign out upon departure.
  • It is difficult and inappropriate for a class to be interrupted by a student being asked to leave because a parent has arrived to collect them, when no notification has been given.
  • Prior notification, at least 90 minutes before collection, needs to be given to the school in order for a student to be signed out.
  • Students who leave school early because of an appointment or they are sick MUST be collected by a parent or caregiver.
  • Students who become sick during the day are to report to the Administration. A member of Administration will then contact a parent/caregiver. 
  • Students will, in general, not be allowed to leave on their own during school time.

Late to school

  • All students who arrive after the start of the official school day will be required to receive a LATE PASS from the Attendance Window. This will be verified by a member of Administration team.
  • A late pass records date, time of arrival and reason for late attendance.

I thank all of our community for your continued support of our great school and for assisting in ensuring our policies and procedures are adhered to.

Last reviewed 23 March 2023
Last updated 23 March 2023