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Chaplaincy Service



Sunshine Beach State High School is a current recipient of funding through the National School Chaplaincy Program.  The current Chaplain at Sunshine Beach State High School is Michael "Mick" Gameiro.  He is employed two days per week (Thursday & Friday) with a permanent "Chappy Office" at the back of the Student Services area.


There are seven key areas that SUQ Chaplaincy Services focus on:
1.  social and emotional support (pastoral care)
2.  spiritual support
3.  mentoring
4.  community development
5.  educational support
6.  extra-curricular activities
7.  Scripture Union Qld. team contribution


At Sunshine Beach State High School, some of the activities in which the Chaplaincy Program is involved include:

- camps and excursions

- class visitation and student empowerment

- school programs

- high visibility and presence

Information and Support

Funding for School Chaplaincy comes from a variety of sources, including local fundraising, donations, churches, as well as grants from the Federal and State Government. 

Fundraising for School Chaplaincy is a Local Chaplaincy Committee responsibility.

National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program funding.

What do SUQ Chaplains do in our schools?

Follow this link for further information:


Chaplaincy services are of a voluntary nature and below are links to the appropriate permission forms.

Parent Consent for Specific Activities with religious for spiritual content

Parent Consent Form for ongoing One on One meetings with Chaplains.


The Chaplains at Sunshine Beach High are funded under the NSCSWP covering 1 chaplain for 2 days, with the other 4 days coming from community fundraising undertaken by the Local Chaplaincy Committee.