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School Chaplain


Sunshine Beach State High School is fortunate to have our chaplain.

Rogan Kinnear


Rogan Kinnear began his first year of Chaplaincy in Semester 1, 2015 when he joined the Student Services team at Sunshine Beach SHS. 

As a Chaplain, Rogan supports the social, emotional and spiritual needs of students, staff, parents and families in the school community. 

Rogan is passionate about supporting students and their social and emotional needs and assisting students navigate life challenges in order to live their life to the fullest.  Outside of school, Rogan spends most of his time surfing local surf breaks, photographing local surfers, rock climbing, and teaching in local primary schools.

Contact details 

Rogan Kinnear

Telephone: (07) 5440 4291


Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC)


Chair, Partner Program Coordinator: Mr Warren Evans

Mobile: 0428 711 163



Partner Program Coordinator Secretary: Mr Jim Hall

Mobile: 0418 727 408



Partner Program Coordinator Treasurer: Lorelle Thompson-Pope

Mobile: 0417 217 565



Roles and responsibilities of LCC  

  • Development and review of the Chaplaincy Service
  • Oversight of the day to day operation of the Chaplaincy Service
  • Development, implementation and review of an Operational Plan and a Strategic Plan for the Chaplaincy Service
  • Development and review of the Chaplain’s role description
  • Oversight of all aspects of funding the Chaplaincy Service, particularly the Chaplain’s salary
  • Facilitating the provision of pastoral care for the Chaplain in his/her role as Chaplain
  • Regular contact with the School Principal or delegated representative to monitor the progress of the Chaplain and the Chaplaincy Service
  • Negotiating with the School Principal or delegated representative as appropriate
  • Collaborate with School Principal regarding the model of Chaplaincy Service to be implemented
  • Supporting the development of Chaplaincy-related skills in the Chaplain
  • Approval of visiting personnel (e.g. visiting speakers, musical artists etc.) to be involved in the Chaplaincy Program (as delegated by and in consultation with the School Principal)
  • Oversight of referral of students to churches, youth groups or other religious bodies
  • Participation in the Probationary Review and Annual Review of the Chaplain
  • Development of an Annual Professional Development Plan for the Chaplain (in conjunction with the Chaplain)
  • Participation in training and development provided by Scripture Union Queensland for LCCs  

Chaplaincy – Scripture Union Queensland


Roles and Responsibilities of a Chaplain

  • Participation in general activities in the life of the school - school camps, excursions, sports day, speech nights, assemblies facilitate groups, events and activities with voluntary student participation
  • Visit students who are absent from school (hospital visitation, bereavement)
  • Participate in the HRE/life skills/personal development programs
  • Assist with special needs and behaviour management program
  • Participate in and develop adventure-based learning/outdoor education program
  • Provide resource support for teachers
  • Facilitate parenting programs
  • Pastoral care
  • Network with support services, local churches and other agencies and organisations in the local community to provide a broad range of support services to the school community
  • Facilitate and participate in Scripture Union Qld holiday camps, holiday activity programs, community outreach programs and student leadership training events 


Some of the programs our Chaplains are involved in are:

• Mentoring program

• Peer Skills training for our Year 8 Peer Counsellors

• Breakfast Program

• Youth Insearch Camps

• Me Time Personal Programs

• Big Wednesday Program

• Community Construction Crew

• Garden Program

• Pastoral Care

Chaplaincy services are of a voluntary nature and below are links to the appropriate permission forms.

Parent Consent for Specific Activities with religious for spiritual content

Parent Consent Form for ongoing One on One meetings with Chaplains.


The Chaplains at Sunshine Beach High are funded under the NSCSWP covering 1 chaplain for 2 days, with the other 4 days coming from community fundraising undertaken by the Local Chaplaincy Committee.