Computers and technology


Sunshine Beach State High School is committed to providing relevant and connected teaching and learning through the embracing of digital education and Information Communication and Technologies, (ICT). Our staff utilise the facilitation of learning through the support and focus of technologies, (ICT). 

Our vision at Sunshine Beach State High School is to prepare our students for the world of work and learning.  Through innovative teachers and support staff we create technology enriched learning environments to support the development of students and their skills.

Our school community is strongly committed to the educational requirements of our students and encouraging strong parent and student commitment. 

In 2022​ students in Year 7 - 12 are encouraged to 'Bring Your Own Device'. 

Student devices will connect to the Schools network through a DETE approved solution that ensures the device meet security requirements, including updated anti-virus software. Students will be able to access internet and printing services on their device once connected wirelessly.


Bring Your Own Device

Sunshine Beach State High School offers a high level of education delivery through the use of technology.  BYOD enables students to access the school network services through a secured Wi-Fi connection.  For a hardware guide to assist in purchasing a suitable device for your student please click the link.


Parents and students should check their school subjects to assist in deciding on their device. Your device should meet the following requirements; 

  • Minimum battery life of 6+ hours.  

  • Warranty and where it is to be returned in the event of a warranty issue and time to repair.

  • Accidental damage and theft, what is covered and what excess you will pay.

Student devices will connect to the School's network through the BYOx Link solution  (setting this up can be carried out at home)​. Students will be able to access internet and printing services on their device once connected wirelessly. 

To participate in the BYOD Program, you will need to:

  1. Read BYOx Charter and submit signed Responsible User Agreement (p. 18 of Charter).​

  2. Tech Support is available onsite to assist with connection issues and setting up Printing at school.

  3. ChromeBooks and Linux are not supported.

Microsoft office 365 – free to students

Microsoft Student Advantage allows students with a BYOD to install Microsoft Office 365 on up to 5 of their devices for free. You need to sign into the Microsoft Student Advantage page  with your school email address and password.

If you have difficulties completing this at home please see the IT Department at school.​

We reccomend students to use the OneDrive cloud storage facility which comes as part of their free Office 365 account. Their Department of Education and Training account can be accessed at home and at school, whereas a Personal OneDrive account can only be accessed from home.

Adobe Software

If a student requires Adobe software as part of their curriculum (other than the Adobe reader) they will be allocated with an Adobe account by a teacher.

Security of BYOD devices, damage/theft – insurance

A crucial part of the BYOD program will be parents ensuring that the device is covered for accidental damage and theft. Parents should investigate if their Home and Contents insurance covers damage or theft of the device. 

While Sunshine Beach SHS will continue to deal with inappropriate behaviour in line with existing policies, the school is not liable for any damage or replacement costs incurred while the device is at school or travelling to and from school. Any student who damages or steals another student’s laptop may be disciplined according to the schools Responsible Behaviour Plan.

Internet security

Education Queensland requires all BYOD to have an antivirus/internet security software installed. You can purchase software or use a free version. Microsoft Windows 10 also comes preinstalled with Defender. Mac laptops are not immune from viruses, malware e.t.c.


The details above are meant as a guide to make you aware of some of the implications for your child to access technology for learning in the coming years.

Please contact the IT Support Team at your convenience if you have any questions about BYOD.

Last reviewed 25 November 2021
Last updated 25 November 2021