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School based Health Nurse


​What does the Youth Health Nurse do?

The Youth Health Nurse works with students, school staff and parents to:
  • address concerns or problems about health and wellbeing;
  • create a more supportive, healthy school environment (a health promoting school).

The Youth Health Nurse can see young people in private to talk about:
  • health concerns
  • relationships
  • personal and family problems
  • smoking, alcohol or drug use
  • sexual health
  • problems with friends
  • feeling unhappy or stressed
  • puberty, growing up
  • healthy eating, exercise, weight and eating problems
  • getting in touch with the right service
  • anything that affects health and wellbeing


Youth Health Nurses work in schools but are employed by Queensland Health. The nurse is required to keep information confidential (not talking to others) unless the young person agrees the nurse can do otherwise.

However, if the young person the nurse is seeing is at risk of being hurt or hurting someone else, the nurse may need to discuss this information with another service or agency. If the nurse thinks it’s best to talk to someone else about the problem, they will usually explain the reasons why and talk with the young person about this.

In most cases, it is best for young people to also talk to their parents about any problems and concerns they have, and the Youth Health Nurse can help them to do this.  The School Health Nurse works with students, staff and parents to create a healthier and more supportive school.

Trish Bell provides the School Health Nurse Service and is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Appointments can be made to see Trish before or after school, during breaks or in class time if necessary. You will find Trish in C Block (Student Services Centre).

Contact details

School-based Youth Health Nurse - Trish Bell
Telephone: (07) 5440 4284