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Principal's Welcome


Welcome to 2018 at Sunshine Beach State High School.  We are fortunate to be located in the beautiful northern part of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

At Sunshine Beach State High School, we focus on creating a supportive, caring environment that challenges each individual student to be successful and set high expectations for themselves. Our school is founded on traditional community values of respect and responsibility, whilst ensuring productivity in generating opportunities for each child to reach their potential.

In our school, we aim to create unity with a common vision: Empower lifelong learners through a challenging and supportive school community and common core values: Purpose, Respect, Innovation, Diligence, Enthusiasm.

Our school offers a diverse range of learning opportunities for students. We encourage all members of our school community to embrace our motto of 'Quality In All We Do' on a daily basis.  This means that it is vital to ensure maximum student attendance to engage in learning.  This lifelong learning extends to all staff, who continually engage in 'best practice' learning for the 21st Century.   Currently we are involved in a New Pedagogies for Deep Learning worldwide project of 1000 schools in 100 countries preparing students through teaching and learning around the 6 Cs – Creativity / Critical Thinking / Character / Communication / Collaboration / Citizenship.

Sunshine Beach State High School programs are developed to meet diverse student needs and to enrich learning experiences. These programs (curriculum and extra-curricular) develop students’ academic, civic, creative, social, personal and athletic skills. To meet these needs, we aim to extend our resources to accommodate such programs e.g. BYO Laptops, specialist Science and Language laboratories, STEM and Robotic facilities, Film Studio, Junior Secondary facility, Special Needs life skills area, Innovations Hub, Technology facilities including Hospitality and Design technology, Indoor/outdoor playing areas, and a fully equipped Fitness gym.

Our school embraces best practise research to continually review and improve the learning experiences of individual students.  We aim to transform students' confidence, ability and desire to learn and challenge themselves through "quality in all they do".  We commit to ongoing deep staff professional learning and development to model that learning is "life long".  Our staff's genuine enthusiasm to support, guide and model enhances students' outcomes - aiming to "future proof" our students for their world.

We acknowledge the work of all our staff as they aim to realize a focus of raising the success of individual students and recognizing growth mindset. Each day they aim to inspire and add value to student outcomes. Our curriculum and programs focus on enhancing individual outcomes that will create a skilled, valuable and productive workforce for the Queensland of the future.  We aim to create a welcoming and aesthetic environment conducive to learning, whilst differentiating to meet individual needs.  Specialist numeracy and reading time and grammar time has been added to Junior School curriculum to explicitly teach the basics of literacy and numeracy for life skills, along with our unique Crest program and Pipeline program. By the time our students meet Semester 2 - Year 10, we provide an array of more specialised experiences to provide links to the next stages of senior phase learning.  These learning experiences may be in classrooms, university, TAFE, online virtual or in work placements.  Hence, preparing students for the next stage of lifelong learning and employment and readiness for a global context.

Our school focuses on the development of positive relationships with students and community.  These seamless partnerships become part of students learning each day.  Our dedication to student and family well-being is strengthened by a dedicated and trained Student Services team and layers of support with teachers as mentors, Heads of Year, Heads of Department and an Administration team that deeply understands that well-being is the core to successful outcomes and learning.

Our teachers, support staff and administration team are committed to supporting our students - your child - in this phase of their 'life learning journey'. Please contact us for assistance if you have questions, concerns or comments.  It is clear communication channels that ensure productive partnerships with school and home.

As Principal of Sunshine Beach State High school, I commend the quality of our professional and supportive staff and the positive learning environment we offer.

I/We look forward to supporting your child to achieve their personal success in all endeavours.

Working with you and for you

Leanne Jensen-Steele